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News 1/11

Philippine Retirement Press Release


Reference: Ms. Noehl D. Bautista\

"Retirement: It's More Fun in the Philippines"

The Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) has joined the Department of Tourism's campaign "It's  More Fun in the Philippines", and is incorporating the newly-adopted copy in its marketing materials.

With  the  country's   appealing  natural  wonders,  its  low  cost  of  living, attractive investment opportunities, exciting leisure facilities, including excellent medical facilities and educational institutions, retirees may find the ideal retirement  destination  in the  Philippines. If we add  the caring  and resilient nature of fjlipinos, retirement migrants will find it more "fun" to retire in the country.

Prior to the branding launch, the PRA conducted a Guessing Game activity among its retiree-members wherein they were encouraged to take a shot at the Philippine tourism  brand.   Although  none of the participants'  entries were close to "Tt's More Fun in the Philippines", they presented appealing slogans based on their personal experiences and observations. These will be uploaded in the PRA website.

Retirement  migrants have  expressed  their  ease  in  adopting  the  Filipino culture, in which the Western culture is merged with the traditional. And definitely they ftnd excitement and fun in most places they have visited all over the country.

Cumulatively, there are over 25,000 enrollees to the retirement program. On 2011, there were 2,234 enrollees in which the top nationalities are from the People's Republic of China, Korea, Republic of China (Taiwan), Japan, and the United States. This year, the PRA aims to actively promote the Special Resident Retiree's  Visa (SRRV) to foreign  nationals and former Filipinos who would want to permanentl y reside in the country.

For details on how to obtain the SRRV, visit www.pra.gov.ph.