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A       On Institutional Matters:


            (a)          Charter

            (b)          List of Subsidiaries and affiliates (not applicable)

            (c)          Government Corporate Information Sheet


B       On the Board and Officers:


            (a)          Complete listing of the Trustees and Officers with attached resume; and Board Committees and thier Activities

            (b)          Complete compensation package of all board members and officers

                             .  Board Members

                           .  PRA Officers


            (c)          Attendance Record of Trustees in Board and Committee meetings


C       On Financial and Operational Matters


           (a)          Latest Annual Unaudited Financial and Performance Report



         (b)         Annual Audit Reports


                      ·         2013

                           .            2012

                      ·         2011

                      ·         2010

                      .         2009



(c)           Annual Reports and Trial Balance

                      .      2014 Annual Report


                      ·      2013 Annual Report

                      ·      2012 Annual Report


                      ·      2011 Annual Report


                      ·      2010 Annual Report



(d)          Budget and Targets 2014 

(e)            Local and Foreign borrowings (not applicable) 

(f)             Government subsidies and net lending (not applicable) 

(g)          All borrowings guaranteed by the government (not applicable)

(h)          Any material risk factors and measures taken to manage such risks (not applicable)


(i)          Performance Evaluation System 

              . 2013-2014 Performance Agreement

              .  Addendum to 2014

              .  2015 Performance Agreement


(f)           Annual Procurement Plan



D             On Governance Matters:


           (a)          Charter Statement/Mission-Vision Statements;


           (b)          Performance Scorecard and OPIF Logframe/Strategy Map; 


             - 2013 Interim Performance Scorecard

             - 2014 Interim Performance Scorecard

             - 2013-2014 Performance Scorecard

            - Renegotiated

            - 2015 Performance Scorecard 



         (c)         Organizational Chart;


         (d)        Manual of Corporate Governance (provisionally approved;subject for revision)


         (e)        Corporate Social Responsibility Statement;


         (f)         Balance Scorecard;


         (g)        No Gift Policy;


         (h)         PhilGEPS Posting;


         (i)          Cash Advance Liquidation; and

            (j)             Compliance with the submission and review of the Statement of Assets. Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN)


E       Others


(a)        Programs and Projects 2014 (including status of implementation)


(b)        Concrete and time-bound plan and actions taken towards complying with the Government Quality Management System Standards (GQMSS) pursuant to 

              E.O. No. 605, s. 2007

(c)      Full payment of Statutory Liabilities

          . Remittance of Dividends

         .   Payment of Taxes

         .   Payment of GSIS,PHICP,PAG-IBIG Mandatory Premiums


(d)      Submission to GCG and COA of concrete and time bound action plans for addressing Notices of Disallowances and Audit Observation Memoranda form Commission on Audit   (COA)