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News 5/13

January - April 2009

Please be reminded that Special Resident Retiree Visa holders are exempted from the Annual Registration of the Bureau of Immigration per Memorandum of Agreement between the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) & Bureau of Immigration dated October 24, 1986. This privilege is printed at the back of your PRA I.D. Card.
New benefits for SRRV Holders can be viewed in the forum section upon logging in. click here to view
Last 5 February 2009, the Bureau of Immigration (BI) launched the Public Information and Assistance Unit (PIAU) and the Public Attorney’s Desk the offers free notary services and legal counsel for detained foreigners.
The Philippine Retirement Authority would like to reiterate its advisory to all SRR Visa holders whose passport still bear the stamped version of the SRRV to have them changed to the sticker type visa. All stamped SRRV are subject for confiscation by the Bureau of Immigration upon entering the Philippines. To avoid any inconvenience please have your old SRRV stamped visa changed to the new sticker type visa. view attachment