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News 7/26

How to Access the Community Forum Page

1.    How to access on the Member Login.
a.    Create an account by clicking “Sign Up” on the Member Login box as  show below.

b.    The web will transfer you on this page.


c.    Fill up all required information on the above page.
d.    Once completed, click “Submit”.



2.     If you are still having problems in Signing Up, please send us an email and we will be the one to create an account for you. Please include in your email the following.

    SRRV Number:
    Last Name:            First Name:            Middle Name:
    Country of Origin Address:
    Philippine Address:
    Contact Number:
    Email Address:
    And your desire “Password” for you online account:
    And send it to mis@pra.gov.ph


3.    How to Access on the Community Forum Page of our website?
a.    Type in your Email address and your password here (the password on your “member login” account on our website).

b.    Then click the Login button.
c.    After login, click on the Retiree’s tab. Then select Community.

d.    Now you can use the Community Forum Page.