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News 12/6

SRR Visa Application Now Available Online!

From December 4 onwards, retirees  can now apply for the Special Resident Retiree Visa (SRRV) online. The Philippine Retirement Authority is introducing an online processing system, complete with downloadable forms, over its website www.pra.gov.ph. The development of the new PRA website started as early as July and is aimed to be operational by December of this year. The goal is to create a site with features and functions geared towards simplicity and usability projecting an approachable image for the PRA. With the mandate of PRA in mind, it is imperative that its website needs to be synchronous. The PRA website will have the following features, among others: Online facility for retirees to request for services:

  • Online application for accreditation for retirement projects, facilities, marketers, and merchant partners.
  • Visual display of accredited retirement facilities, merchant partners, and marketers.
  • Online business matching of local landowners, investors and developers.

PRA continues to provide innovative, quick response service to retirees. SRRV online will reduce the time-consuming manual filing of documents and application forms. Further, the system allows qualified retirees with an access to the internet to apply for an SRRV.