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News 11/26

Outreach Program

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Dear Retirees and Partners:

Greetings from the Philippine Retirement Authority!

As we are nearing the last months of the year, we reflect on the victims of natural calamities which touched our hearts to reach out and help our fellow countrymen. It is precisely this call for help that unites people to put aside one’s needs in order to give to people who would need more.

Since Christmas is around the bend, we in the PRA have opted for a more simple yet meaning celebration with our retiree-members. Instead of the traditional Yuletide bash, we will be holding a simple get-together with our less fortunate brothers/sisters.

May we invite you to this unique Christmas experience which will surely give much joy to our indigent countrymen. It will be appreciated if you and your family can voluntarily donate any goods and food that you can personally hand over to them.

Below are the schedules, venues and person to coordinate with for the activities to be held in the different focal areas.

For further inquiries, please call the PRA Marketing Department at 848 -1412 to 16  or email at inquiry@pra.gov.ph.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you.

Very truly yours,



Acting General Manager