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RP Embassy in Netherlands Meets with Prospective Retirees

On September 29, 2007 the Philippine Embassy played a leading role in a forum that was organised by one of the Netherlands' migrant organisations. In most fora in the past the retirement issue cropped up with the question "What the Philippines can offer to balikbayan and foreign retirees alike.Most questions were related to owning property and land, Philippine citizenship and the role of the PRA. This time, the audience also included about 70 Filipinas and their partners. Some have plans to retire in the Philippines in the near future or are already in the process of moving (back) to the Philippines. Questions were submitted in advance to the Embassy so that the Consul could prepare in advance.

After an introduction by His Excellency Ambassador Romeo Arguelles, Consul
Adrian Cruz presented an overview in which he addressed the questions submitted previously and gave additional information about (dual) citizenship, current and (possible) future regulations concerning ownership of land and the ambition of the Philippines to become a major player in the global retirement industry. PRA was represented by Mr. Eli van Ingen (advisor to the chairman of PRA) who was invited to present his reasons for retiring to the Philippines, his experiences with PRA and his view on living in the Philippines. Although promoting the Philippines in such forum should be like preaching to the converted, Mr. Van Ingen went in detail about his personal reasons to migrate, he addressed critical questions related to perceived past performance of PRA and concluded with a call on overseas Filipinos to support and actively contribute to the promotion of their beautiful country.