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Merchant Partners Accreditation

Statement of Policy

1. A prospective merchant partner will not be charged accreditation fee.
2. A bank can only be accredited as a Merchant Partner. It cannot be accredited as a Marketer by virtue of its built-in advantage over other marketers. This policy includes its officers and employees.
3. A law firm or lawyer cannot be accredited BOTH as marketer and as merchant partner due to conflict of interest.
4. To be accredited as Merchant Partner, a firm / company / corporation, must have a proven track record of excellent product or service performance for the latest three (3) years in its area of business.
5. Revocation or amendment of these guidelines shall require the approval of the PRA Board of Trustees.
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Who May Apply

1. Single Proprietorship, with business address in the Philippines
2. Partnership
3. Corporation
4. Law Firm
5. Medical facility, hospital or clinic
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Requirements for Accreditation

1. Common Requirements for Sole Proprietorship / Partnership / Corporation
a. Application for Accreditation – Annex “A”
b. Bio-data of officers with 2 x 2 pictures
c. Business Name and Permit issued by DTI
d. BIR Certificate of Registration
e. Mayor’s Permit/Business License
f. Memorandum of Agreement with PRA
g. Audited financial statements for the last three (3) years
2. Additional Requirements for Partnership/Corporation
a. Board Resolution/Secretary’s Certificate regarding the application for accreditation as Merchant Partner and the promotion of the PRA Program as one of its objectives
b. SEC Registration
c. Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws
3. Additional Requirements for Lawyer/Law Office
a. Official receipt representing IBP membership and PTR
b. At least three (3) years experience in litigations involving corporate law, immigration, real estate and/or condominium law.
4. Additional Requirements for Medical Facility, Hospital, or Clinic
a. DOH accreditation
b. DOT accreditation as a medical tourism facility, if applicable.
5. Additional Requirement for Banks – Certificate of CAMEL rating not less than 3.
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Procedure for Accreditation

1. Upon receipt of the application and its supporting documents, the applicant’s authorized representative is briefed by the Marketing Department on its obligations as a Merchant Partner who shall be required to enter into a Memorandum of Agreement. In the case of banks, the Administration & Finance Department shall be the OPR.

2. For mailed applications, the applicant shall be required to attend a briefing by the Marketing Department or by the Admin & Finance in case of banks.

3. The accomplished Application for Accreditation shall be processed and signed by the OPR staff who conducted the briefing to be noted by its respective Department Manager.

4. An ocular inspection of the applicant’s office address as stated in the application shall be conducted by the Marketing Department or the Admin & Finance Department in the case of banks.

5. Upon completion of the above listed requirements, the Marketing Department shall recommend to the General Manager/CEO for approval of accreditation attaching therein the Certificate of Accreditation for his signature. In the case of banks, the Admin & Finance Department shall prepare the Board Memo to be signed by the General Manager/CEO. The Corporate Seal will be affixed and the certificate immediately released to the applicant-merchant partner

6. The Marketing Department shall furnish the Admin & Finance Department a photocopy of the Certificate duly received by the merchant partner.
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Renewal of Accreditation

Submission of the following:

a. Application for Accreditation – Annex “A”
b. Latest income tax return stamped received by BIR porno
c. Such other requirements as may be required.

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