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    e-mail 1: prajclub@mozcom.com
    website: http://www.prajapanclub.com




    PRA Japanese Club is a nonprofit organization formed by the Japanese Special Retiree Visitors Visa (SRRV) holders in the Philippines to foster cooperation and friendship among Japanese retirees who have chosen the country as their second home. It is duly registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in June 2002. The PRA Japanese Club provides support such as language assistance and cultural orientation to ensure convenient and comfortable standard of living for the Japanese retiree. It is also the only national organization recognized by the Japan Embassy in the Philippines as a contact centre in cases of emergency. The PRA Japanese Club welcomes other SRRV holders who are interested to join the organization.
    So why don't you join the PRA Japanese Club now?


    Allan Anderson - President
    Eli van Ingen - VP Europe
    (vacant) - VP Americas
    email: pra-eurama@gmail.com
    Website: www.retire-philippines.com


    An association for European, British (including the Commonwealth) and members from the Americas, North and South, is being organised. Rather than forming a tightly organised 'club', a more liberal format has been chosen for the time being. For convenience sake it will be called "The EURAM Association"

    Non Asian SRRV holders are encouraged to join the PRA European and American Association forum which has been set up on the internet at http://www.retire-philippines.com Please have a look at it.

    The purpose of the forum is to be a vehicle for communication between members. Not only to air concerns and complaints, it will enable members to propose and discuss matters related to SRRV and PRA. and also provide a facility through which ideas and suggested new services can be developed, the level of interest identified the consensus effectively promoted to the PRA hopefully for implementation.


    President - Young Baek Lee
    Vice Presidents - Young Ki Kim
                                    Jong Gi Ham
                                    Jung Hee Cheo
                                    Sung Soo Na
    Location - Suite 1104, Antel Corporate Centre
                       #121 Valero Street, Salcedo Village
                       Makati City 1127 Philippines
    Telephone Numbers - +632.886.4848
    Fax Number - +632.886.7997
    Email - ukcaphils@gmail.com
    Website - http://www.korea.com.ph

    The United Korean Community Association (UKCA) organized in 1969 and registered to SEC since 2001 is a non-stock/non-profit association in the Philippines.

    UKCA is an umbrella-type organization covering all Korean organizations in the Philippines. It currently comprises 17 functional associations and 20 regional communities throughout the country. The main purposes are to encompass the different members/sectors in the above various Korean communities and cater to their needs in terms of information, social welfare and protection, and compatriotic familiarity.

    UKCA is currently representing Korean retirees to PRA to enable them to propose and discuss all matters related to SRRV and PRA, and for further closer support to the retirees, is organizing 'Korean Retiree' Association in the Philippines (KRA)'.