To our valued members, marketers and stakeholders:

        My heartiest felicitations to everyone!

        Despite the wrenching pandemic yet lingering on, I can’t fail thanking God the Almighty for guiding and protecting us through these perilous times – and thus affording us to extend our utmost wishes of well being, safety, and good health!

         In the first place, let me extend my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to all our valued members and stakeholders who have persevered and patiently stood with us and by us, and have kept their unwavering faith and trust in us: Thank you very much!

         As we’re all aware of, the pandemic crisis has adversely affected or stalled our operations at the Philippine Retirement Authority, even as we cannot help but adhere to the mandates of our mother agency and likewise comply with the guidelines and regulations set by our government for the good not only of our members and clients but of the whole country. No less too, in particular, for purposes of needed review of the SRRV program, the filing and processing of SRRC applications were suspended from late of last year. We’re verily sad about it.

        But with the newly issued PRA Board Resolution for the resumption of the acceptance and processing of new SRRV applications for 50 YEARS OLD AND ABOVE effective May 17, we are certainly heralded with a new springtime of hope both for our present and prospective members.

         Unmistakably for us at the Philippine Retirement Authority, we shall never waver in our resolve to work even harder in making the Philippines a competitive retirement destination and providing all the best for our members and stakeholders.

        Again, I wish you all the best of good health, safety, and God’s continued blessings!



Atty. Bienvenido K. Chy
General Manager/ CEO