To our valued members, marketers and stakeholders:

        There’s no denying that our Christmas this year is certainly one for the books – something which we will never forget in our lifetime. Invariably, it’s not only our members and stakeholders who’ve been adversely affected by the present crisis but, precisely also, us at the Philippine Retirement Authority – which has likewise been beset with pressing issues about our operational mandate and programs.

        But, despite the crushing hustle-and-bustle of challenges, let me take this opportunity to extend not only my holiday greetings but more importantly my immense gratitude and appreciation to all our members and stakeholders who have patiently stood with and by us, and have kept their utmost understanding and faith in us. Your unwavering support will be profoundly cherished.

        As our Christmas season is yet entangled in battling against the devastating COVID-19, it behooves for us to bring to mind the “ordinariness or simplicity” of the first Christmas in Bethlehem – that Jesus was born in a humble manger, and the first witnesses of his birth were simple shepherds and meek sheep(s).

        Like the first Christmas, therefore, let me greet you a simple, peaceful, and meaningful Christmas!

        Good health, safety, abundance, and God’s blessings be upon you this Yuletide season!


Atty. Bienvenido K. Chy
General Manager/ CEO