Heartiest greetings!

        Undeniably, the promise of 2020 is one of jubilation and optimism. While the past year has undoubtedly augured well for us, there is more reason for us to be even more hopeful in 2020.

        On the one hand, we cannot be more grateful for our gains, strides, and successes of the past year. PRA has successfully passed the surveillance audit for the maintenance of our previously awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification audit, thus making us continuously at par with international quality management system standards. PRA has likewise been granted recognition by the Government Quality Management Committee (GQMC) as a “Quality Management System Certified” agency. Moreover, on a similar feat, our retiree-members have given PRA a “very satisfactory” rating in the Customer Satisfaction Survey conducted by an independent market research agency. These, and others more, are undoubtedly an affirmation for us that we are indeed on the right track in our aspiration of providing the best for our members and stakeholders.

        On the other hand, we are filled with enthusiasm in anticipating our lofty goals of improving even more our systems and processes, and at the same time equally building or strengthening our employees’ capability and performance competencies. The successful interplay of these two factors, “good systems” and “good employees”, has positively paved the way for us in providing the best quality services to the unabated spiralling number of our retiree-members, which has dramatically grown to over 69,000 as of the latest count.

        There is no stopping for us thus in our quest for excellence – because for us at the Philippine Retirement Authority, “doing the right things and doing them rightly are simply non-negotiable.”


Atty. Bienvenido K. Chy
General Manager/ CEO