Dear PRA retiree-members:


With great pride and excitement, I greet you as the new General Manager and Chief Executive Officer of the Philippine Retirement Authority.


Let me take this precious moment to express my sincerest appreciation for choosing the Philippines as your home and retirement haven.


Wherever part of this island country you have decided as your place of residency, I believe that our inclusivity, community, and most of all, our cultural values promoting care, compassion, and commitment in localities you are immersed into have made you feel genuinely a member of their extended family.


Please continue to experience firsthand the warmth of the friendly locals who are always ready to lend a helping hand. You all deserve to live a comfortable life in surroundings filled with natural beauty and alluring landscapes that are distinctively ours. Settle down and savor the perks of retiring anywhere, from any of our shoreline communities to our vibrant cities to our green and cool mountain forests. All these offer tranquility, modern amenities, and a wonderful anthropology of some of nature’s most diverse ecosystems. Please be part of the world’s most smiley people and of the vibrant cultural tapestry that is unique to our nation.


The new management of the Philippine Retirement Authority is committed to giving you a fun-filled, relaxed, and meaningful life that is nothing short of exceptional. We will continue to upgrade the competency of our people and services and to restrengthen our steadfast dedication to providing you with the support you all deserve. To that end, we need your informed and active engagement.


Again, on behalf of the Philippine Retirement Authority, I would like to thank you for loving this country as your home. Being part of your retirement journey is indeed an honor. Lastly, please know that I would love to personally know how you are doing, your challenges if there are any, and your suggestions to make your stay more impactful, soulful, and meaningful.


This is just the beginning. We plan to schedule town hall meetings and related get-togethers in the coming days to seek your participation in improving our services and outreach to each of you.


Warmest regards,




General Manager and CEO