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PRA lauds arrest of “brains” of fake SRRVisa

PRA lauds arrest of “brains” of fake SRRVisa

MAKATI, Philippines- Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) General Manager/CEO Bienvenido Chy lauded the recent arrest of Carlo Ponti Zialcita, former OIC of PRA Clark-Subic Satellite Office, in an entrapment operation conducted by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in Angeles City, Pampanga near PRA-Clark Satellite Office.

Zialcita’s arrest stemmed from various complaints reported to the PRA Head Office by Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRVisa) holders who were victims of fake SRRVisa cards which he facilitated to unknowing victims.

PRA discovered several spurious SRRVisas and PRA IDs in the possession of unassuming foreigners in the Philippines. The discovery would usually happen after these foreigners attempt to renew their PRA IDs, only to find out that they are not legitimate members of the PRA’s program. All said victims pointed Zialcita as the source.

GM Chy, in his all-out effort to protect SRRVisa holders, requested for the assistance of the NBI in the investigation of the case.

“Zialcita’s capture on fake IDs is long overdue,” said Chy. “We can not tolerate such illegal activity to continue under my watch. We encourage our retirees who were victimized by Zialcita, or any one else, to come out,” he added.

Inquest proceedings were done on the said day of Zialcita’s arrest, 04 March 2021.
Early on Chy’s appointment at PRA, anomalous PRA official receipts were discovered and also referred to the NBI for its further investigation.

The PRA, created by virtue of EO 1037, is mandated to develop and promote the Philippines as a retirement haven to foreign nationals and former Filipinos, with SRRVisa as its main product. A government-owned and controlled corporation (GOCC) under the Department of Tourism, has a total of 54,649 active retiree-members as of December 2021.

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