On Institutional Matters:
a. Latest Version of Charter
b. Government Corporate Information Sheet (GCIS)

On the Board and Officers:
a. Complete Listing of the Directors and Officers
b. Attendance Record of Directors in Board Meetings

On Financial and Operational Matters:
a. Latest Annual Audited Financial and Performance Report in the immediate past 3 years
1. CY 2014
2. CY 2015
3. CY 2016
4. CY 2017 (Unaudited)
b. Annual Reports
1. CY 2014
2. CY 2015
3. CY 2016
c. Current Corporate Operating Budget (COB)
d. Any material risk factors and measures taken to manage such risks
e. Performance Evaluation System (PES)

On Governance Matters:
a. Charter Statement / Mission-Vision Statements
b. Performance Scorecard and Strategy Map
c. Organizational Chart
d. Manual of Corporate Governance
e. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Statement
f. Balance Scorecard